Meet Avie’s Newest Team Member: Miss Washington, Nicole Renard

Hey Avie fans! I’m Nicole Renard and I’m from a small town in Eastern Washington. People call me a nomad because I’m never in one place for longer than 2 or 3 weeks. I graduated from Chapman University with a degree in Television and Broadcast Journalism and a minor in Advertising. I’ve worked as a pastry chef and choreographer, but currently my full time job is Miss Washington for the Miss America Organization. I run a food and travel blog called “Nicole The Nomad” where I share fun recipes for staying healthy on the go as well as travel guides and life encouragement. It might seem like none of these things go together, but one day I hope to host my own traveling cooking show where I educate people about different cultures and help feed people across the world. If I can find some free time I love dancing, running my own photography business, going to Disneyland and producing videos for my YouTube channel. I love ice cream and I’m on the hunt for the world’s best Mac & Cheese. I’m giving you all a really big virtual hug.

What made you want to start taking Avie?

What really intrigued me about Avie at first was their pepper-free Turmeric Supplements. Turmeric is a hot super food right now, but I’ve only really seen it as a powder and I don’t always have time to incorporate it into my recipes, so being able to take it as a supplement is a great solution for me! Then I learned more about Avie Nutraceuticals and how they’re committed to helping people reach their fullest potential and it made me fall even more in love with the brand!

How does Avie help you in your everyday life?

I’ve noticed a tremendous difference in my joints since taking the Joint Balance Supplement. I grew up as a competitive dancer and am very active. I’m also double jointed so my joints typically go places they aren’t supposed to, which leads to tons of pain and injury. Whether it’s recovering from a workout or bouncing back from stiffness and jet lag from a long flight, the Joint Balance supplements and Pain Relief Spray have been a life saver! Since I’m constantly traveling, my immune system can be compromised so the Turmeric supplements make sure I’m refreshed and don’t get sick. I love that they are pepper-free because it leaves me assured I won’t have any GI issues like loss of potassium, acid reflux or nausea.

On the road, I’m always trying new foods, which is my favorite, but not always my stomach’s favorite. I have a very sensitive stomach so every morning I take the Gastrointestinal Balance supplements to help with any tummy issues.

What changes have you noticed since starting to integrate Avie into your daily life?

Since taking Avie I feel like I have less digestion issues when eating foods that are outside of my normal routine. I also have noticed my joints aren’t as stiff after a long day working on the computer or a hard workout. The turmeric keeps me energized, refreshed and ready to serve at my fullest potential.

How is Avie consistent with your (#DoStuff) platform?

#DoStuff is all about inspiring people to get up and DO the things they’ve always dreamed of or talked about doing. Fear keeps many of us from going after what we really want, but my #DoStuff campaign encourages people to step out of that fear of failure and start taking steps to achieving their dreams. Avie creates products that help people live their best lives and you can’t #DoStuff if you don’t have a body that’s healthy and able to dream!

How does “Live Avie” align with your mission to help people realize their own abilities- that each of us is truly enough?

I’m passionate about people knowing they have worth and value because they’re human and created with purpose. Not because of what they do, how much money they make or what they earn. Our identities are not defined by our success or failures and when you truly understand that, it gives you a whole new respect for yourself and your body. I’ve found that I’m much more motivated to take care of myself and use products like Avie because I know that I am valued, loved and ENOUGH. I want to live in a way that inspires others to live at their best too.

Why do you think turmeric is important in an overall lifestyle of wellness?

Turmeric has SO many health benefits; it’s almost a no brainer to incorporate it into your daily routine. Not only does it reduce inflammation, but it also has powerful antioxidant effects as well.

In addition to taking it as a supplement, I know you have come up with some creative ways to integrate it into your recipes. Can you tell us a little more about those?

Yes!! One of my go-to favorites is opening one of the turmeric supplement capsules and dumping it into my protein shake after a workout. I shake it up with cashew milk and vanilla protein powder and it spices up my post workout drink. It’s also a super easy snack if you’re traveling. I’m working on a Golden Milk Latte using the turmeric supplements as well so stay tuned for that. 😉

What are you most excited about sharing Avie’s story with the world? How do you think it can help people?

I’m looking forward to sharing how Avie can help you live your best life by giving you a body that’s healthy, pain free and functional. We need our bodies to be in optimal health so we can reach our dreams and serve at our fullest potential.

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