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Which one is best for you?

Looking to reach optimal health and feel great? Then our Ultramicronized Turmeric Curcumin is for you. Experiencing pain in your joints after a strenuous workout? Then try our Joint Balance formula. Want relief for heartburn or indigestion? Then you’ll want our Gastrointestinal Balance.*

Get one of the most potent Curcumin on the market today and reap the many positive effects established in multiple clinical studies.

No wonder turmeric has been used in traditional Asian/Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years — taking the optimal form of this supplement as part of a healthy diet can provide multiple health benefits.

Curcumin, turmeric’s active ingredient, is not easily absorbed in the body until it’s unlocked with Avie’s exclusive Ultramicronization™ process.

What the Studies Say

Recent studies have shown that Curcumin aids in:

  • Anti-inflammation and joint mobility
  • Anti-oxidant protection of cells from free radical damage
  • Brain function and memory
  • Liver function
  • Healthy immune system
  • Removal of toxins from the body
  • Healthy digestion
  • Improved appearance of skin and hair
Why Avie’s curcumin is better than the rest

The Avie brand of curcumin products is the “brain child” of a leading scientist who helped develop some of the most popular and highly effective pharmaceutical drugs on the market today.

To evaluate the effectiveness of leading curcumin products, Avie scientists conducted tests and found that these products do not easily dissolve making it difficult for them to pass through the intestinal tract with the vast majority of curcumin leaving the body, unused. So, with our industry leading scientists, we focused on the creation of an ultramicronized formula, which provides an extremely effective delivery mechanism to the body.

Avie’s proprietary ultramicronization process renders purified curcumin into a water-soluble form, allowing it to quickly absorb into the body. Avie’s scientists have shown that this formulation is over 100 times more potent than the leading curcumin products on the market.*

Our ultramicronized formula allows our curcumin to be absorbed into the bloodstream and carried to where it is needed most at the cellular level for maximum benefit.

Also, when you buy curcumin from Avie, you help someone in need.

Watch how much better Avie’s ultramicronized turmeric curcumin
 dissolves versus our leading competitors showing its superior bioavailability!

As shown in this time lapse video, Avie’s proprietary ultramicronized formula completely dissolves into water, while the leading competitors simply cannot compare. In the body, this is equivalent to the absorption into the blood stream which is over 80% water allowing the blood to carry the supplement to where it is needed most at the cellular level.

The Results**
352x greater
anti-oxidant activity
Avie 208.12 Micromolar Trolox Equivalents
Brand A 13.8 Micromolar Trolox Equivalents
Brand B 11.8 Micromolar Trolox Equivalents
1,400x greater radical
scavenging capacities
Avie 63.3%
Brand A .075%
Brand B .09%
126x greater inhibition of
COX-2 enzyme***
Avie 57.55%
Brand A 9.13%
Brand B 9.28%
**Equal amount of each formulation containing concentrations of curcumin was dissolved in water before testing.
*** The COX-2 enzyme is an enzyme involved in inflammatory reactions.

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10% of all profits help benefit those in need.

Avie Nutraceuticals was founded on the basis of a dual commitment: to offer products scientifically proven to support human health and to uphold a priority of helping those in need.