With Avie I have noticed a significant difference

What made you want to start taking Avie? How has it helped you?

Avie supplements have helped me tremendously with severe back and joint stiffness that I would experience daily upon waking. My blood tests have shown I have high amounts of inflammation and I’m also fighting Epstein Barr Virus, which causes me to have joint issues. With Avie I have noticed a significant difference.

How does Avie compare to other nutraceuticals you have tried?

Immediately upon taking the Avie Joint Balance, I noticed less stiffness and pain when I woke up in the morning. ​As someone who has been on numerous supplements for many years and a health blogger who is constantly trying new things —I wasn’t expecting it to work so quickly! Or let’s be honest — at all. I’ve tried several turmeric supplements in the past that did nothing for me.


Would you recommend Avie?

Absolutely. My hope for others is that they can realize they can tackle pain without putting an added burden on their liver by taking harmful meds. Turmeric is greatly beneficial for so many things, you truly have nothing to lose by trying it!