It’s Not Our Charity, It’s Our Responsibility

Most companies just donate money to their causes, but at Avie this isn’t the case. Our dedication to CSR involves more than just a dollar sign. In addition to donating 10 percent of our profits to drive change and impact lives, members of our staff also volunteer their time and resources to assist in implementing these life-saving projects through our continuing contributions to the Mika Foundation.

What is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?

Corporate Social Responsibility is when companies concern themselves with social and environmental concerns and integrate them into their business operations.

Here at Avie, our core CSR mission is to provide aid for global relief efforts in developing countries around the world while supporting sustainable agriculture and economic development.

CSR Project Spotlight: The Mika Foundation

Created by Mika native, Dr. Hector Alila, the Mika Foundation is committed to empowering the local community to eradicate poverty by supporting projects that improve their quality of life.

So small that it is unseen on most maps, Mika is a village located in northern Tanzania near the Kenyan border. In this poverty stricken area there is a severe lack of running water, electricity, and sanitation. This, in combination with rampant HIV/Aids, has resulted in a dramatic lowering of average life expectancy to only 13-14 years old.

The Mika Foundation strives to identify and utilize local natural resources to provide sustainable economic development activities in the community. In addition to this, funds raised help to not only educate and feed the children, but to build schools, prevent diseases and improve the lives of the local people.

Our Involvement

We started by helping to assess the living conditions in Mika and collaborated with a geologist to investigate methods for installing a water well to provide clean water for the village. With our help, the well was installed and is now a source of clean water, making a sustainable difference to the people of Mika.

At Avie, we not only want to help keep our bodies in great shape, but our world as well. Contributing to a better, more sustainable planet while providing the human body with supplements needed for survival is our company’s mission. To find out more about the Mika Foundation and our collaboration with them, click here.