The Power Behind the Plant: Ultramicronized Curcumin

Ultramicronized Curcumin

Our last product highlight is the one behind them all, Ultramicronized Curcumin™. If you have missed our first two product highlights check them out: Joint Balance and Gastrointestinal Balance.

Rapidly growing in popularity throughout the health and nutrition world, our curcumin formula promotes a healthy lifestyle while supporting your immune system and providing you with superior antioxidant protection.

The History

Stemming from the turmeric plant, which has been used for over 3,000 years in Eastern Asia, it’s active ingredient, curcumin, was isolated from it around 200 years ago. In fact, curcumin only makes up 2-6 percent of the actual turmeric plant. This means that when you take our Ultramicronized Curcumin™, you are ingesting a more potent level of the active ingredient, and subsequently receiving more concentrated health benefits.

Designed To Have The Best Potency

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Designed for maximum absorption, potency, stability, and bioactivity, our Ultramicronized Curcumin™ formula is water soluble, allowing the blood to carry the supplement to where it is needed most at the cellular level. Studies have shown that curcumin aids in brain function and memory, as well as promotes a healthy immune system, digestion, and anti-inflammation and joint mobility.

You, too, could benefit from the many effect of curcumin! To experience the power behind our Ultramicronized Curcumin ™ formula, click here.

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