The Mika Foundation: Electrified

In our last post, we discussed what we’ve contributed so far to our CSR mission, the Mika Foundation, which develops sustainable living conditions and promotes education in the small Tanzanian village. Having previously helped to install a well to provide clean water, this year we will be helping to install electricity. In addition, the ability to irrigate the land and grow sustainable crops will also be implemented. Future projects will include health and educational facilities and supplies as well as other initiatives to enhance the health and lives of the people of Mika.

Our Dedication

Through the Mika Foundation, Avie is dedicating our profits to drive change and impact lives in a positive way. Members of our staff volunteer their time and resources to assist in implementing life-saving projects.

Our focus this year is installing electricity. Many of us couldn’t imagine a life without lights, or technology, or air conditioning, but in the village of Mika this is the reality every day. With electricity comes a better standard of living due to expanded resources and improved sanitation. Seeing the impact and change brought to the village of Mika by simply installing a water well has made us excited for the future and the many positive changes we know it will bring. This year’s plans are underway, but there is still much more to be done.

“Our role is to give back to the community and empower people to improve their lives,” founder of the Mika Foundation, Dr. Hector Alila says. “Sustainable projects – sanitation, education, hospitals, job creation – this is how you break the cycle of poverty.”

With your help, Avie is helping to break this cycle. To learn more about our plans for the future or to find your part in our mission, click here.